Naughty Nights PressSpontaneous Liaisons anthology was released back in January and features my story, Unprofessional.

Okay, so this is the latest ever release notification but hey, better late than never.

I want to tell you a bit about how Unprofessional ended up in the anthology.

Unprofessional was the first erotic short story I wrote. At the time I had no idea if it was any good. I was more used to writing the odd sex scene in a non-erotic novel and this was the first time I’d tried to write a story about sex, where the sex is what drives the plot forward.

I shared Unprofessional with the community on Lush Stories and received overwhelmingly positive feedback. I was flattered and excited (and blushing a little; some of the comments were quite, ahem, descriptive about their ‘appreciation’ of my words).

Some time and several short stories later, I published my first piece, Youth and Experience, with Naughty Nights Press. And, not long after that I got an invitation to submit Unprofessional for the Spontaneous Liaisons anthology.

Being invited to have your work published is no small thing. With all the competition out there, publishers don’t need to go looking for material, it comes to them in floods. That someone sought out my work and actually asked for it was a serious compliment.

But, at the time, I was somewhat reluctant. Unprofessional was a personal turning point for me as a writer and the welcome, support and encouragement of the readers on Lush Stories drove me to write more and submit it. Without them I never would have had Youth and Experience published.

I felt like I was doing a disservice to someone, me, the readers on Lush Stories, someone anyway, by taking it away.

But, ultimately I realised that the story had done it’s job on Lush Stories and now it had the opportunity to reach new readers in new places. Hopefully, you’re one of them!

You can check out an excerpt from Unprofessional in my previous post for Six Sentence Sunday.

It joins the following short stories from some of Naughty Nights Press’ best authors:

A Little KnowledgeCJ Black

Reinventing the Quickie, the Diary of SamKiki Howell

Summer Rain, Fiona’s StoryVampirique Desire

Blind Date – Jennifer Stone

Fast Food on CampusAbby Hayes

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